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Event Recap

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Thank you to everyone who came out to the Port Orange Library today! We had our vegetarianEvent 013  
awareness event, with the environmental theme.

We had about 30 people come out today and learn about the environmental destruction caused by the meat industry. They watched the movie called "A River of Waste" and also ate vegan food, got plenty of vegan literature, and even had a chance to win one of 8 prizes we gave away (5 cookbooks and 3 free product coupons for LightLife).

As everyone learned today in the audience, the meat industry is wreaking havoc on the environment. We vote with our forks, every time we decide what to eat. Without the demand, the meat industry would not be doing what they are doing!

Big thank you's go out to:

A big special thank you goes out to VegFund, the group that provided funding the majority of the food today!

Additional thank you's go out to:
Larabar, for providing samples of their delicious bars
- Eden Foods, for providing soymilk for people to sample, as well as their curried rice and beans
- Moe's, for providing information about their vegetarian menu options and coupons (they actually offer tofu!!!)
- Fresh Healthy Cafe for their menus and coupons (they have a generous vegetarian menu and now offer gardein options on their sandwiches, paninis, wraps, etc.).
- Vegetarian Resource Group, for the variety of literature they provided to be given away

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next event. Please find us on Facebook and check our site for monthly event details. Next weekend (April 16th), we will have a table at the Green Affairthat will be held in downtown DeLand. We hope to see you there!


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