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Restaurant review

The Breakers PICS

The Breakers

The Breakers
518 Flagler Ave.
New Smyrna Beach, FL

If you are looking for a place to dine on the beach, check out The Breakers. They offer a vegan veggie burger and fries, which is served alongside a great view!

The restaurant is right at the end of Flagler Ave., which is a great little area for shopping and strolling the streets. It is right on the beach and provides great views while dining.

When we have out of town guests we used to go to Chases's on the Beach. They had a decent veggie burger and great views. It was a nice place that we vegetarians could dine on the beach, with our non-vegetarian guests. However, they pulled the veggie burger from the menu, leaving us with no vegetarian options.

While searching around for a replacement place I found The Breakers. They offer a veggie burger option, so I decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is in a great location and has a good atmosphere for when you are looking for an ocean view with your meal. The service was good. The veggie burger in all honesty was not the best or worst that I've had. It was right around the middle, but I still thought it was pretty good. The view and availability made it that much more appealing.

As a vegetarian it is important that the place I take my non-vegetarian friends to not wreak of seafood. I just can't stomach the smell. The Breakers (at least at this time of day) did not specialize in nor smell of seafood, so I was pleased!

Overall, this is a place that we will go back to, especially to dine with guests who are visiting from out of town. It's nice to know that they have a vegetarian option and you can get a great view.

You can also park next door so you can take a stroll down Flagler Ave. or on the beach after you eat your meal.

Bonus: I checked with the restaurant and the veggie burger is vegan! Two thumbs up!

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