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1st Annual vegan bbq bash

event photos


e held our 1st Annual Vegan BBQ Bash on October 15, 2011. The event was a celebration for Vegetarian Awareness Month and the public was invited to come out and participate in a vegan BBQ.

The event was a great success! We had around 100 people from the community come out and participate. There were three picnic tables filled with vegan foods, including veggie burgers, veggie dogs/sausages, vegan macaroni salad, chips and salsa, vegan quesadillas, various bean dishes, fresh fruit platters, and so much more! We even had loads of vegan ice cream sandwiches for dessert!

A special thanks goes out to everyone who participated, attended, and helped make this event happen. We were pleased to bring it to the community and were even more pleased with the reception and participation. A special thanks also goes out to those who sponsored the event to help make it happen, including: VegFund, Sunshine Burgers, Tofurky, Tofutti, Edward & Sons, and Love Whole Foods. Front Porch Pickings also came out to provide information about their service, thank you!

Thanks to our sponsors we were able to give away quite a few prizes in a random drawing, including big bags of corn chips, coupons for free veggie burgers, a VegNews magazine subscription, and a $20 gift card to Love Whole Foods. We even had someone bring plants to give away to people! And the Hometown News photographer came out and took pictures for the paper (thank you!).

We also had an entire table of vegan literature and vegetarian start kits and by the end of the event there was just a small handful of brochures left. People took home lots of vegan information, asked many questions, and were overall so pleased that we held this type of event.

The event was held at Spruce Creek Park, located in Port Orange. It turned out to be a great place to have it, since they had a great pavilion, plenty of picnic tables, restrooms just steps away, and a playground for the kids that was within easy viewing from the pavilion. Two thumbs way up!

Here are some pictures from the event (click on each one to make the picture larger):
















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